Hi everyone!

With the thoughts of the summer months past we are now looking ahead into the fall months.

I guess it might finally be time to put the socks and shoes on and save the flip flops for our annual Bahamas trip.

Being as we are smack in the middle of mountains the morning weather is much cooler the past few days brining out the need for more layers, however things warm up as soon as the sun starts shining. 

Fishing in the fall is fantastic, in fact it’s my favorite time of year to fish the Elk River. The water levels have all sustained themselves and the Elk is holding it’s own with the typical fall levels. There are however many closures on the watershed tributaries so make sure you check the local regulations before heading up to some of them, or call the shop we would be more than happy to fill you in.

As the water temperature is much colder in the morning, there is no panic to rush out there and flog the water. Everything is temperature dependant and when the water is 8.C in the morning it takes a few hours to warm things up. The prime window of opportunity for dry fly fishing is between 1pm and 5pm. You will have luck in the morning and in the late afternoon, you just have to explore your fly box for other options and you will definatly hook up! 

When the water warms up, the bugs come out of their temporary hibernation and entice the fish to move as well. Be patient and work the beautifully defined buckets, pockets, braids and dancing water.

The town of Fernie is a little quieter with all the kids going back to school; which means the river is seeing a little less traffic these days.

If you are considering coming up to the Valley for some fall fishing; come on up and enjoy the beautiful fall colors and the fantastic fall fishing!

We are still open 7 days a week from 9am – 5pm and the shop has a HUGE fall sale on. Discounts of up to 30 % on some products!

We are still running shuttles as well!

Guiding opportunities are still in full swing and we have trips running daily, if you think you can squeeze a day in to fish with one of our guides let us know!


BWO central! When the water warms up you will see those gracefull little guys flying around. PMD’s Still seeing Green Drakes coming off – this has been an epic year for these phat mayflies! Flavs Caddis and October Caddis

Flies to Use: 

BWO paramerger sz 16 BWO parachute sz 16, 18 Parachute Adams sz 14,16,18 Slate Drakes sz 14 PMD’s – various patterns available – you pick the one you can see but make sure it’s small sz 14, 16, 18 October Caddis in the late afternoon or morning sz 10 and up Olive bodied or Brown Bodied Caddis – sz 12, 14, 16


Alright, you’ve got the updated goods so stop reading this and Get out and FISH! Stop in the fly shop and get Paul, Jordan or Beckie pick you out their favorite selections and if you are super nice they might just fill you in on some secret spots to walk and wade…