Sebastien Stewart

Sebastien is one of the most experienced guides you will ever fish with. With over 20 years of guiding, we are pleased that he is once again working full time with us at Elk River Guiding Co. His history is on the Bow River as a veteran guide who has specialized in the pursuit of the Bow River's largest fish.... on dry flies!

However, "It has been a life long dream to move to Fernie, where the waters are still wild, and the fish are pure. After 16 years of ranching with my wife and two childeren in Alberta, we finally moved to Fernie, and havent looked back!" SS.

In the fall you will find Sebastien hunting Steelhead in "Skeena Country", and he has been fortunate to fish the salt for Permit, Tarpon, and Bonefish on many occasions. We are just happy that he has chosen our shop as we are fortunate to have such a seasoned and respected guide on our full time staff.