Fundamentals of Fly Fishing

Everyone Should Try Fly Fishing at Least Once!

A philosopher once said “You cannot teach a man anything. You can only help him discover it within himself” Let one of Elk River Guiding Company’s professional guides help you discover the art of fly fishing within yourself.

Without a doubt participating in a fly fishing lesson is a great stepping stone to success and can eliminate months if not years of frustration in trying to teach yourself or learn from someone who just shouldn’t be teaching you. Getting taught the correct skills and techniques will enable most to become not only proficient and elegant casters but also shine new light on all the mysteries of fly fishing.

Through our personalized approach to learning the art of fly fishing, our courses are designed to give the new angler the basic knowledge, skills and fly fishing strategies to get started on the river.  

What to Expect:

  • Introduction to Fly Fishing Equipment and Gear
  • Casting and Techniques
  • Knots and How to Tie them.
  • Entomology of the Stream – Bugs and how they relate to trout
  • Reading Water and Fly Presentation
  • Rules, Regulations and River Etiquette

Lesson length (5hrs) – “Learn to Fly Fish”: 

  • $495 for 2 people
  • $100 each additional person above the 2 person rate.

 Lesson’s will be a mixture of Dry Land and River fishing. Based on instructor availability and may be customized to suit participants needs.

Includes:  flies, rods & reels and Wading boots  Does Not Include: BC Fishing Licenses & instructor  Gratuity or Lunch

Fly Casting Basics: 

  • 1 Hour:   $50 per person   extra people $25 each.  Dry land casting. Based on instructor availability.

Learn to Row a Drift Boat

Learn to Row a Drift Boat from a Licenced Fly Fishing Guide:

Rowing a drift boat is a fun and rewarding skill that opens up endless miles of waters to fish.  Yet without proper training, it can also be dangerous and difficult to master.  Even experienced rowers can get into trouble without the proper knowledge and skills.  This course is designed for new boat owners who are interested in learning to row a drift boat better and safer. Also if your new to a challenging river such as the Elk,  this class aims to increase your rowing skills and confidence to enhance your overall drift boat fishing experience.  Drift boat basics is a 4 hour “on the water” course and is taught by a licensed fly fishing guide using the participants  own boat.  This class can be tailored to participants needs, and topics include:

  • Drift boat and trailer basics and equipment
  • Boat launch and take-out skills and etiquette
  • General boat and passenger safety
  • Basic rowing skills including ferrying, boat positioning, anchoring and casting angles
  • General water reading and navigation skills
  • Obstacles and unexpected dangers
  • Basic recovery skills
  • River etiquette

COST : $400 for up to 2 participants,   Shuttle included.