Boat Rental Rates

Drift Boat: Clackacraft high side 

  • Daily: $300
  • 2 Days: $500
  • Extra Day: $150

Drift Raft: 13′ Outcast with rowing frame and seats for 3

  • Daily: $300
  • 2 Days: $450
  • Extra Day: $100

Drift boats and rafts come on a trailer with a 2″ ball and standard plug. Shuttle service for your vehicle is included on first rental day. Boats and rafts to be used on shop approved waters only. Rentals of water craft are for experienced river users only.

I must say that our boat rentals are very costly and there is a reason for that……. if you have any doubts on the challenges of drifting a free stone river then hire a guide! Your safety on your fly fishing adventure is important to us. 

Its not fun when you lose all you fly gear and scare the shit out of yourself. Should this type of unfortunate event happen we have qualified swift water rescue personnel on staff to help get your boat and gear back out of the the deep and wood.  Call us for help after the fact….call 911 when its an emergency.

Gear Rental Rates:

Fly Rod & Reel:

  • Daily: $30
  • Extra Day: $10


  • Daily: $20
  • Extra Day: $10

Wading Boots:

  • Daily: $15
  • Extra Day: $5

Complete Package(Fly Rod & Reel, Waders, & Wading Boots)

  • Daily: $50
  • Extra Day: $25  

All rental rates are Subject to GST and PST (12%).  A credit card and driver’s license or deposit is required to rent any of the above items. If any items are lost or stolen, you will be charged the full replacement value of the item(s). Damaged items will be charged a repair fee and any shipping costs for the repair service. Any guided guests renting gear will receive 50% off the rental rate.

***Please keep in mind the dangers of a free stone river and unforeseen hazards. Be sure you know how to row before you rent! We reserve the right to refuse renting water crafts to those we feel are inexperienced river practitioners.  Safety First!*** 

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