The Rivers

The Elk River flows right through Fernie and most of the other rivers are within an hour’s drive of the fly shop. Some reaches we go to may be further depending on where we want to access them.

Elk River

The Elk River is known as one of the most pristine and premier dry fly fisheries in the world. Located in the heart of the Canadian Rockies, the Elk River originates from the Elk Lakes, located in the most South Eastern part of British Columbia.

Wigwam River

Located deep in the back country, the Wigwam River is one of the most beautiful rivers in existance. This amazing river gives anglers a lesson in balance between nature and beauty.

Bull River

Located on the west side of our mountain range, the Bull River is a spectacular cold mountain stream filled with eager cutties. The journey through Hartley Pass on the way to the Bull gives one the feeling that they are the only one that’s ever been there.

Michel Creek

Michel Creek is probably one of the finest walk n’ wade cutthroat streams in North America. A small and intimate tributary of the Elk River, it is well known for having a healthy population of surprisingly large cutthroat.

Fording River

To those that have fished it, the Fording River is known as the magical river that flows into the Elk. The Fording is situated in a tight valley with a cold mountain river running through the middle of it.

Kootenay River

The Kootenay River is the uppermost major tributary of the Columbia River and flows through British Columbia, Montana and Idaho and then back into B.C..runoff and then again in the fall.

St Mary River

St Mary River

The St.Mary River is located only about an hour away from Fernie and this beautiful stream is a perfect combination of spectacular scenery and great fishing. The fishing on the St.Mary is generally best in July and August throwing dry flies to the hungry cutties.

Crowsnest River

Crowsnest River

The Crowsnest River is a classic Rainbow Trout river located along the contintenal divide in SW Alberta, only a 45 minute drive from Fernie, meandering through the eastern foothills of the Canadian Rockies