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Season Update and Seasons Greetings!

Wow. Who would have ever guessed we would have had a season like we did in 2020? To start with, we would like to thank the amazing people who supported us in any way that they could. It did not go unnoticed. To everyone who was able to travel and decided to join us on the river this season, to those who wrote, called, or sent us e-mails to see how we were doing through all of this we thank you. It was overwhelming to see the amount of support you all gave us through our online and in-store purchases this spring.

Web Forms now working

Our web forms for "booking your trip"  and  "contact us" are now up and operational. We likely lost any submissions that were sent over the last two weeks so we apologize for not getting back to you. Please reach out again if you havent heard from us.



The Elk River Team.

Summer Drifting August 21, 2019

Some great drifting days have been had on the Elk River. With clear waters and good flows we have settled in to some excellent fishing conditions.  Good drake hatches and Mahogany duns. When things get slow ants, beetles, and hoppers are the go to bugs. With a wet early season we have managed to avoid any major forest fires and noticiably there is no smoke or haze as there was last year. This lines us up nicely for what should be a spectagular fall. 

Things are looking good!

After some great days and some tough days the Elk is really shaping up nicely. Rains took away some exceptional early season conditions. Not just once but twice!  We are appreciative of the moisture as there are no fires in the East Kootenay at the moment and Blue skies are the norm most mornings as opposed to the smokey haze we saw last season. Great days drifting and wading ahead!

Cutthroat On The ELk

Spring Fly Fishing Options

As we wait for the spring opener on our local waters and the ice to clear on some of our stillwaters, we have some exceptional fly fishing oppertunities for Rainbow and Brown trout in southern Alberta and on the Bow River. We have some good ole Alberta boys who guide for us on their local waters and we are happy to send some trips their way. If you need to get out befor the Elk opens on June 15th, we can help set up a great spring float or walk and wade.

2019 Fishing Update

2019 Fishing Update.


February 26, 2019   

On a cold February morning I thought it was a good time to give an early prediction of this upcoming season.   It was -22 C and felt like -29 C when I got up. That’s about -20F !!!!BRRRRRRRR