Now is the Time!

February 28, 2016 ---  Now is the time to Fish in Fernie!


Why it’s a great time to Fish in Canada and specifically, Fernie B.C.

We all are aware that the price of Oil has dropped significantly since last season but it’s the effect it has had on the value of the Canadian dollar that some US anglers may not have yet realized. What does this mean aside from lower fuel prices at the pumps? Well, for traveling anglers coming from the US to fish in Canada it means a significant discount from last year.  Currently 1 US dollar converts to $1.40 Canadian as of right now, and when you put this into terms an angler would understand, a guided day trip is now about $465 US from almost $600 when the two currencies were almost equal. Extend this discount to lodging, food, gas and even gear in the fly shops and a US angler would be crazy not to consider a trip across the border.

Then there is the fishing. The Elk River and the many other waters around it have some of the best Dry Fly opportunities for wild Native Cutthroat Trout anywhere. If that doesn’t spark your interest then perhaps having a 10lb bull trout on your line does? Both of these species are abundant in the region and ideal for fly anglers to target. The Fernie area is not a secret anymore but it has seen ups and downs for the number of out of country anglers. This has been in part due to economic conditions in the US as well as the extra licence fee on the areas classified waters. The classified waters fee has prevented the waters from being over fished and with an average snow pack this year we expect to have good flows throughout the 2016 season.

If you are planning your next Fly Fishing adventure in the near future, I highly recommend thinking about coming to Canada and visiting us in Fernie. We have great guides, amazing free stone waters, and wild native trout waiting to eagerly take your fly! Now is the time as it’s a great trip and great value. Keep in mind that once our American friends figure this deal out, our guides will book up fast. 


Tight Lines,


Dry Fly Cutthroat in Fernie