No Fires in Fernie!!!!

BC wildfires not around Fernie - travellers welcome

Tuesday • July 18, 2017

Fernie welcomes all travellers currently affected by wildfires in other BC locations.

Fernie and the Elk Valley are not affected by the wildfires in other parts of BC.

As of this morning Fernie skies are clear but contain some haze from the smoke of far away wildfires. All parks and trails are open in the Fernie area but no campfires are allowed.

Highway 3 leading in and out of Fernie is fully open to all travellers. Highway 3 is the scenic alternative to Hwy 1, allowing travellers to drive across the province from Alberta to Vancouver. View Fernie Maps.

NO campfires are allowed anywhere in BC, including Fernie, until cooler/wetter conditions return and the government removes the official fire ban.

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