March 16, 2009

Hit the hill on the powder days and the river on the sunny days!

Water Conditions: 

Unfortunately the Elk has a lot of ice coverage for this time of year. We are usually looking forward to a float before the March 31st closure, however, I do not think we will get this in unless we experience a steady warming trend. The few open runs should be approached with caution as it is dangerous on the ice edge but those thatat have taken the risk have been rewarded. Good fishing for large RockyMtn Whitefish and healthy looking cutts!


You may see some little black stones and midge activity this time of year.

Flies to Use: 

Big stone fly nymphs seem to be the go to bug in gold and black. We have also had good success on a #12 lightning bug. Smaller size #4 and #6 zonkers have been good for Bulls and the more agressive Cutts.


If you get a chance to fish or ski, go skiing if there is fresh pow as it has been scarce this year. Wait for a nice warm day and fish from noon till 3. Better yet, ski the morning nd fish the afternoon!!!