June 17 Update

Water levels continue to drop at a steady rate. Really this is all we are waiting for.  The fly shop is well stocked, the guides are ready, and smaller tributaries are shaping up nicely.  Predicting exactly when best to make your first trip to Fernie is still difficult, however I think by the weekend we may get down to 100 cubic M/sec which will be great early season drifting water.  The rains may delay this a bit, but we are hoping that we will be starting our regular floats by then. Worst case is it will be a good weekend for getting out and in the groove organizing your gear and flies and checking out what has changed since last season. The nice thing about going out early will be the length of day light as we approach the Summer Solstice. Soon enough, winter and a long cool spring will be just old memories as we move into Summer and great days on the rivers!

Sort your flies so you are ready!