Fire Situation near Fernie

BC wildfires - Fernie area updates

Sunday • August 19, 2018

NOTE:  Elk River Guiding Company operations are unaffected by the wildfires at this time

Unlike other areas in BC, The Fernie area has very few fires but there can be very smokey days. 

Below are local area details.

As of 10:00am, the sky is smoky with a temperature of 14C, high of 22C today. Some rain still in forecast tonight and Monday. There have been no new fires around the Fernie area, and existing fires are being worked on, watched, and/or guarded and are posing no threat to Fernie. Locals and visitors have typically been doing most of their vigorous activities such as hiking and biking in the mornings, early afternoons and evenings as the air quality is better compared to the warmer afternoons.

Please respect the fire ban, details below. All roads and highways are open to and from Fernie (some forest service roads are restricted or closed due to area fires, see below). All trails are open. All access to the backcountry/crown land and rivers are open. Images are updated daily to show sky conditions.

Area Fires:

Coal Creek Fire:
Closest 'fire-of-note' to Fernie is up Coal Creek Forest Service Road (FSR). It continues to stay within its 713-hectare size (same since last Sunday). This fire started Friday Aug 10th and is approx 12km east of Fernie, suspected cause is 'human'. The fire isn't a threat to the community.

Coal Creek Road is closed (see road closure & fire location map) to motorised traffic beginning at the 33km mark (beginning right after at the Ridgemont Road/River Road junction). Here are no barricades, but it is closed, so motorized access to Matheson Falls, Morrissey Ridge, the ammonite and Rifle Range Road etc is not allowed. Morrissey FSR is closed. Leach Creek FSR from the northeast side is closed beginning at the junction with Corbin Rd.

Resources on fire:11 firefighters 1 helicopter as needed and heavy equipment.

The next closest fires labelled 'Elk Valley' and 'McDermid Creek' from lightning last Saturday are south of Fernie along the Lizard Range. These fires are 1.1 and 70 hectares in size respectively and are about 10-15km from Fernie. These pose no concern but are being monitored.

Another 'fire-of-note' within the Elk Valley is Sage Creek (1947 hectares) ~ 65km southeast of Fernie

Leach Creek fire is no longer considered a 'Fire-of-Note'  ~ 30km east of Fernie by the Alberta border.


Air Quality Information Sources - NOTE: There is no air quality monitoring station in the Elk Valley. Any regional advisories are from other areas a few hours away. As a result, advisories are limited in detailing local air quality. Local sources are the best indication.