April 1, 2009

Most of the moving waters in our area are now closed until June 15th. However, we will be doing some floats down the Kootenay River as April and May are two of the best months tho fish this river. Stay tuned for more reports from this beautiful piece of water.

Beckie has left for the annual Elk River Trip to Crooked Island Bahamas for 6 days of flats fishing. She will be posting an report on her return so be sure to check back after April 14th. If you are ever interested in going on one of these hosted trips, give the shop a call 1-877-423-7239.

Still Water trips start as soon as the ice comes off the local lakes which will be any day now. Steve, Lois, and myself are ready to put you on some big rainbows. Give us a call and we can hit the still waters as a warm up to the river season.