The Waters

Elk River

The Elk River is known as one of the most pristine and premier dry fly fisheries in the world. Located in the heart of the Canadian Rockies, the Elk River originates from the Elk Lakes, located in the most South Eastern part of British Columbia. A spectacular freestone river filled with deep pools, dancing riffles, and various back channels that are known to have anglers hidden away for hours in the glory of their own environment. As the river meanders through the Elk Valley, cutting a path through the mountain landscapes, it quietly passes through small towns before flowing into Lake Koocanoosa. The Elk River holds a very healthy population of Wild and Native Westslope Cutthroat Trout, along with Bull Trout and Mtn Whitefish. It is the dry fly action from the abundance of sporadic and mixed insect hatches that makes this river so popular. The summer season opens June 15 every year and carries through with dry fly fishing well into late October. The average size of the cutthroat you may expect to see while out with one of our expert local guides will range from 14 to 18 inches with an occasional fish in the 20" range. The Cutties in the Elk River are very thick, "Big Shouldered" fish due to the single, barbless hook restriction and the high levels of insect productivity. A day of dry fly fishing on the Elk River is nothing short of amazing and will keep you coming back for years to come.  View more Elk River photos here











Wigwam River

Located deep in the back country, the Wigwam River, is one of the most beautiful rivers in existance. This amazing river gives anglers a lesson in balance between nature and beauty. Crystal clear water flows over vibrantly colored rocks creating the perfect mountain setting. Untamed and natural the Wigwam is a magical place full of big boulders, log jams and deep pools. The hatches have been known to "go off", bringing willing cutthroat and cut-bows to the surface regardless of the weather conditions. As this is a walk and wade only stream, a guided day will find you hiking in wilderness on the hunt for your next catch. Migratory Bull Trout find their way into this well proteced river, which is a long feat for them considering the distance that they travel from their wintering home in Lake Kookanoosa. This river is gear restricted to fly fishing only with no weights or strike indicators. Strictly a catch and release river.  Spending a day on the Wigwam will be a day you will never forget. View more Wigwam River photos here.

Bully Bully Bully!Bully Bully Bully!

Michel Creek

Michel Creek is probably one of the finest walk n' wade cutthroat streams in North America. A small and intimate tributary of the Elk River, it is well known for having a healthy population of surprisingly large cutthroat. Big Boulders and log jam structure make this creek a great place to test your accuracy and skill. If you time it just right you may get to experience one of the many great hatches that come off this amazing stretch of water The angler must match the hatch in order to outsmart these fish. With easy access the Michel Creek is a beautiful piece of water to be enjoyed by all ages and ability levels.

Michel Creek Beauty!Michel Creek Beauty!

Fording River

To those that have fished it, the Fording River is known as the magical river that flows into the Elk. Situated in a tight valley with a cold mountain river running through the middle of it.  Stretches of this river will exceed your expectations with the quality and size of fish. The Fording River is crystal clear and will test the anglers ability to hunt their catch. The visual backdrops of this pristine walk and wade stream will ensure you have an amazing day while catching beautiful wild westslope cutthroat trout. 

Great Fording River Water!Great Fording River Water!

Bull River

Located on the west side of our mountain range, the Bull River is a spectacular cold mountain stream filled with cutties. Once your back up in behind the valley, you feel like your the only one that's ever been there. If your looking for the entire mountain experence filled with unparrallel views and some great fishing , hit the Bull River with one of our guides for a wilderness adventure. While fishing the Bull River rarely do we see other anglers however your chances of seeing Elk, Moose, Mountain Goats and Bears are excellent! Keep in mind our walk n' wades on the Bull River are an adventure for the energetic! We are now offering Multi-day Packages on the Bull in remote streamside cabins.

Fat Bully!Fat Bully!



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Flathead River

National Geographic Magazine calls the Flathead River Valley "The Crown of the Continent". Tucked deep into BC’s southeast corner the valleys of the Flathead River Basin are home to many threatened and endangered species. The Flathead River is one of those rivers that is truly off the beaten path and is a tempting day trip for any angler. There are a number of fish to target as the river holds a healthy population of Bull Trout, Cutthroat, Rainbow,and Mountain Whitefish. The choice is yours to either spend the day floating the Flathead River in one of our rafts or exploring the banks on a walk and wade.

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The FlatheadThe Flathead

St. Mary River

The St.Mary River is located only about an hour away from Fernie and this beautiful stream is a perfect combination of spectacular scenery and great fishing. The fishing on the St.Mary is generally best in July and August throwing dry flies to the hungry cutties. Westslope Cutthroat are native to the river along with bull trout but over the past few years more and more rainbows have been finding their way into the system. The solitude of this river combined with excellent dry fly fishing makes it a favorite for many of our returning clients and friends.


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Kootenay River

The Kootenay River is the uppermost major tributary of the Columbia River, flowing through British Columbia, Montana and Idaho. As all the major streams in the Kootenay Valley empty into this river, it is best fished in April and May before runoff and then again in the fall and into winter. Yes, I said winter as we run our bull trout safari in our HYDE Power Drifter, the ultimate fly fishing vessel. On warm days you can see rising cutthroat and even some rainbows but its the Bull trout that chase after our streamers stripped through deep pockets that brings the most excitement. Since the water level is so low and clear at that time of year many of these huge trout are caught on small streamers and nymphs. Once you spend a couple days on the Kootenay River, you will be hooked into returning to explore this unique fishery. Call us about our Kootenay River Bull Tout Safari!

Kootenay Spring Time BullyKootenay Spring Time Bully













The Bow River - Alberta

The Bow River is a blue ribbon fishery and is recognized as one of the finest Rainbow and Brown trout streams in North America. With its headwaters located in the Rocky Mountains the river flows eastward towards the Central Plains bisecting the city of Calgary, Alberta. The stretchs of river below Calgary are the home to significant numbers of hard fighting, acrobatic wild Rainbow and Brown trout which hold in big river buckets, pockets and banks throughout the length of a days float. The river is characterized by a variable streambed interrupted by intermittent islands which braid the stream channel. The predominantly grassy banks and long riffle runs provide ideal habitat for trout. When hooked these fish will test the mettle of the fly-fisherman and provide a challenging objective to a great day spent outdoors. Elk River Guiding Co. can provide the fly fisherman who flies into Calgary with this unique fishing opportunity.

The Browns of the BowThe Browns of the BowGarys Big BrownGarys Big Brown

Crowsnest River - Alberta

The Crowsnest River is a classic Rainbow Trout river located along the contintenal divide in SW Alberta, only a 45 minute drive from Fernie. Meandering through the eastern foothills of the Canadian Rockies, the Crowsnest River is a small walk n' wade stream full of healthy & wise rainbows reaching the 20+ inch range. As most call it "the Crow" this quaint river has over 1500 trout per mile and quite the reputation for hosting remarkable hatches. This river is crossable in most sections and is known for fast riffles, pools and sight fishing for big fish along high banks. Rich in history and scenery the Crow offers ample opportunity for the angler seeking the challenge of mastering the fine art of deception and presentation.

Crow ComradsCrow Comrads

Crow BowCrow Bow

Still Waters (Lake Fishing)

The best kept secret of the East Kootenays is the exceptional lake fishing.