Fishing Licences for B.C. fresh water angling

B.C. provincial fresh water angling licences are now available on line. Information can be found on the web site 

If you are planning to fish in B.C. you can go on-line and register to get a B.C. Angler # This will be a permanent # that you will need to make your on-line licence purchase. If you know how long you will be in B.C., you can determine if you need to buy a one day, 8-day, or annual licence. Classified waters day permits can also be purchased. It is advised that you register to get your angler number before you come as the new system is known for outages. There is no cost to get an angler number and it will make it faster for the license vendors to issue you a fishing license. YOU MUST REMEMBER WHAT YOUR ANGLER NUMBER IS WHEN YOU GO TO PURCHASE YOUR LICENSE.  In order to look up an angler, we need your angler #, your birthdate, and your phone number.  If you are a client of Elk River Guiding and have guided trips booked, please check with the fly shop so that we may ensure you purchase the correct Classified Waters Licence for your guided trip. It is important that guided clients check the guided fishing box and indicate "Paul Samycia" as the guide as he is the outfitter with the rod day allocation.

Summer time!Summer time!